AeGIS 7000V

VOIP Multi Tenants Dedicated Telephone Entry System


Cut sheet (pdf)

Manual (pdf)      Quick Guide (pdf)

  • No Phone Bill with Google Voice, Unlimited calls in
    United States and Canada Only.
    * Google Voice and the Google logo are registered
       trademarks of Google Inc.
    * Must have Internet Connection
    * Must sign-up for free Google Voice Account
  • 250 tenants capacity and 250 access codes
    Order Part #: 7000V(surface), 7000VFF (full-flush)
  • 7000V MODEL: 1x16 LCD 122mm x 33mm x 14mm (VIEWING 13mm x9mm)
    7000VFF MODEL: 1 x116 LCD 80mm x 36mm x13 mm (VIEWING 6.5mm x 3mm)
  • Lighted keypad buttons
  • Single relay
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Surface and full-flush mount
  • Indoor or outdoor

: 10-13/16 “(H) x 8-5/8 “(W) x 3-3/4 “(D).
Full-flush: 10-13/16”(H) x 8-3/8”(W) x 2-7/16(D)
Mounting Ring (full-flush): 
Inside: 11-1/8” (H) x 8-11/16”(W) x 2-5/8”(D) 
Outside: 14-5/16” (H) x 12-1/8” (W) 

Warranty 24 months