cut-sheet quick guide manual
iP module (qwcm) manual

250 tenants, 600 cards and 600 codes

Remote programmable, Browser Based.

Programming via LAN, WAN, Direct Connect or System’s Keypad.

No Dedicated IP needed

Backlit Keypad

Remote Access

Brushed stainless steel, dark gray powder coated back box

Surface and Flush Mount.

Indoor or Outdoor


Click here for iP Browser Test Drive                                         24 months warranty

PART#: Q7000iPFF
Input Power 12VAC/12VDC Transfomer Included 12VAC/12VDC Transfomer Included
Current Consumption 1200mA 1200mA
Operating Temperature 10ºF to 145ºF 10ºF to 145ºF
Liquid Crystal Display 16 x 1, Viewing area 99mm x 13mm 16 x 1, Viewing area 99mm x 13mm
Tenant Capacity 250 250
Card Capacity 600, card reader is optional 600, card reader is optional
Code Capacity 600 600
26-Bit Wiegand Input 1, card reader is optional 1, card reader is optional
Auto Door Schedules 10 10
Time Zones 10 10
Holidays 20 20
Temporary cards/codes 10 up to 10 times used 10 up to 10 times used
Unlock hold cards/codes 10 10
Unlock hold door timer 1-98 hours 1-98 hours
Telephone Line analog dial tone analog dial tone
QWCM iP module built-in built-in
Dry Contact Relay 2 2
Door Sensor 2 2
Postal Lock ready Yes Yes
Auxilirary Input 2 2
Analog pin hole color camera optional optional
Satellite Access Control RS-485 (slave) max. 8 card reader, keypad or combo max. 8 card reader, keypad or combo
Event Report 600 buffer 600 buffer
Dimension (H x W x D) 10-13/16” x 8-5/8” x 3-3/4” 14-5/16” x 12-1/8” x 2-5/8” (Total Dimension)
11-1/8” x 8-11/16” x 2-5/8” (Inside Ring)
QVPC: Analog color camera USCR: Satellite card reader UCLAM: Clam shell card
USP1: AC and Telephone surge protector USKP: Satellite keypad UISO: ISO card
USP2L: Surge and Lightning protection USKPR: Satellite reader/keypad combo UPM1S: 42” H Single arm pedestal
UBAT1: 12VDC 4.5 Ahr backup battery UCRM: Stellite RS-485 Controller UPM2: Dual vertical arm pedestal
IREXIT: Infrared exit switch UWCR: 26-Bit Card Reader UPM5: Dual horizontal arm pedestal
AHP5: Heater-pad UFOB: Keyfob UPM6L: 64” H Single arm pedestal