Communication strings may be necessary in order to connect to the AeGIS 9000 Series, NPB 9000 Series or 8000 Series. 1200 connect will show if communication is establihed.

  • AT&F S37=5  (Lucent Win Modem, Zoom and other brands)
  • AT&FN0&Q0B0E1V1M1S37=5S9=4&D2&C1&S1 (1200BPS Hayes Modem)
  • AT&F+MR=1;+MS=V2
  • AT&F S37=5S9=4+MS=V22
  • AT S37=2
  • AT +MS=1
  • AT&F1
  • AT +MS=B212 (Conexant v.92 56K, Supramax/Diamond and other brands)
  • AT +MS=B212,1,75,1200,75,2400
  • AT+MS=V22,1,0,0 (Intel 536 EP V.92)
  • AT+MS=V22,1200,0,0 (Intel R537 EP V.9xDF PCI)